Yes! Fill in the form on our Custom page and we will be in touch. We do charge $66 before we manufacture for the initial design which is discounted from your order if you decide to buy.

There are 16 colours to choose from which are split into 2 groups.
White tubing is white when the LED’s are turned off and coloured tubing is the same colour when turned off.
White Jacket: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, White, Warm White, RGBW (multi-coloured).
Coloured Jacket: Blue, Red, Yellow, Cool Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink.

Our signs come with a 2 metre DC power cable, a LED driver/transformer with a Type 1 Australian/New Zealand power plug.

Afterpay and credit card/debit card orders should arrive within 14 business days.
Direct deposit orders will depend on product type:
Stock items 7-14 business days.
Custom Orders 14-28 business days.

Yes you can! please let us know via info@theneoncove.com if your order is urgent and we will assist in anyway possible.
Additional fees apply to rush orders.

While we do appreciate and respect the craft of Glass Neon, LED Neon does have many benefits over the traditional approach.
Glass Neon is fragile, requires high energy consumption, contains possible harmful gasses.
LED Neon is strong, durable & energy efficient. Unlike glass there are no hazards from breakages and is child friendly!
They are also perfect for shipping and self installation unlike the glass approach.

Absolutely, they are covered by a 12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Due to the hand made construction of our signs it is possible that there maybe visible smudges on the acrylic backboard. Majority of the time they are not visible when the sign is illuminated.
You can read our terms and conditions in the footer of our website for more info.

Running 24/7 you can expect 2-3 years but we recommend turning them off when you can to prolong the lifespan and to be energy conscious.

Currently only with Custom Orders. The shipping cost will be advised before final confirmation. The purchaser will need to pay any unexpected customs or tax charges

In your package will be a card with the specs of your sign which will include the weight.
Typically our signs weigh between 2-6kg.
We always recommend mounting with screws to the surface using the existing holes in the backboard.
You can hang like a picture frame with wire or cable provided you are using a suitable mounting point.
If you are temporarily hanging to a backdrop you can use appropriate cable ties.

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